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  1. SmrtUPS 15VA LCD RM 2U

    APC Smart-UPS 1500VA LCD RM 2U 120V with Network Card
  2. 2000VA Smart Pro Rckmnt 2U UPS

    2200VA / 2.2kVA / 1920 watt line interactive UPS system with high power factor for server, network and telecommunications equipment. 2U rackmount or tower form factor with an installed depth of only 19 inches. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) switches to battery-derived AC output during power failures and extreme voltage variations...
  3. SmartOnline 2.2kVA UPS 2U

    SmartOnline 208/230V 2.2kVA 1.98kW Double-Conversion UPS, 2U
  4. 2000VA Rack Tower LCD 100 127V

    APC Smart-UPS X 2000VA Rack/Tower LCD 100-127V with Network Card
  5. 2000VA 2000W Sine Wave UPS

    2000VA/2000W Sine Wave UPS 2U, 8 NEMA 5-20R, NEMA 5-20P, 10Ft Cord, 3Yr Wty
  6. 2200VA 1600W UPS RM 2U

    Smart Pro 2200 Rackmnt 2U UPS; line-inter 8-outlet DB9 USB
  7. 2150VA UPS-Sinewave LCD 2U XL

    2150VA/1650W Smart App UPS Sinewave LCD 2U XL. requires a 30-AMP wall outlet. "hot swappable" battery change capability
  8. 2600VA SmartPro Rackmount 2U

    Tripp Lite's SMART2600RM2U intelligent, line-interactive UPS protects server, networking and telecommunications equipment from blackouts, voltage fluctuations and transient surges in a compact tower/rackmount housing.
  9. Smart UPS SRT 2200VA RM 120V

    APC Smart-UPS SRT 2200VA RM 120V
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